Ruthenium oxide is prepared through the reaction of ruthenium with oxygen, and speaking of its properties, it is relatively stable, not prone to reaction like some other compounds. This is why it holds a place in the industrial sector. Ruthenium oxide is mainly used in catalysts, electronic devices, and other areas.

Precious Metal Recycling
Having discussed its uses, let’s move on to what everyone is most concerned about: the recycling price of ruthenium oxide. Today, the recycling price of ruthenium is $9 per gram. So, how is the price of ruthenium oxide calculated? This depends on its ruthenium content. The price of ruthenium oxide is determined by the content of ruthenium and the market price.

If the ruthenium content is 90%, that equals 900 grams of ruthenium. At today’s price of $9 per gram, 900 grams of ruthenium would be approximately $8,100. Therefore, the recycling price per kilogram of ruthenium oxide is about $8,100. The actual price might be lower due to certain costs.

The fluctuation in price is not only determined by costs but also influenced by market demand, the market price of ruthenium, and recycling technology. If the demand for ruthenium increases, then the prices of ruthenium and ruthenium oxide will naturally rise.